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And So the Snark Begins

delving into the cynical mind of Nicole

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So, what should you know? Well, my name’s Nicole. I was born and bred in Portland, Oregon, and still live here with hopes of one day moving somewhere where I can bank on my love for fictional writing. One thing you’ll learn very quickly when meeting/talking to me is that I’m a TV whore. I watch so much TV in one week My FauxVo nearly explodes by the sheer amount of things I record on a weekly basis. You name it, I’ve probably watched it…not necessarily liked it or enjoyed it, but I’ve at least watched a couple minutes of it. Anyway, besides TV, as I’ve earlier mentioned, I like to write. Lately I’ve hit a dry spell, but I’m trying to overcome it. The creative outlet I’ve been turning to in recent weeks is messing with photos in Photoshop. More so, I’ve been fiddling with making icons than anything else. So, as you see, I like being creative, wherever that may take me.

This journal will be a place for my fiction (mostly reposting reworked old stuff), my icons, the occasional personal entry, and, when I feel up to it (and if this necessary but unfortunately annoying writer’s strike ever ends), I might recap/comment on episodes of shows I’m watching.